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Why You Should Print Out Your Wedding Photos

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Wedding photography is an investment and more often than not, is a big part of a couple’s wedding budget. A couple will always remember the magic of their wedding day but by capturing photos, they’ll be able to relive the day over and over again for years to come. 

More often than not, after delivering a gallery to a couple they are so excited to see the images from their special day but have a hard time deciding what to do with the photographs after the wedding. Here are a few reasons why you should print your wedding photos instead of only having digital files. 

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Your Wedding is a Story

From getting ready and your first look to saying “I do” and dancing the night away, your wedding tells the story of your relationship, and printing out your wedding photos in an album allows you to relive that story. They’ll be there to look through on anniversaries, holidays, and in the future with your children and grandchildren.

Having your wedding album displayed in your home will also give your guests the opportunity to look through them and start conversations about your special day.

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Technology and the Internet Isn’t Forever

Social media and technology aren’t going to be around forever. File corruption, outdated software, and hardware are common issues people face and just because your images are on a USB drive doesn’t mean they’re safe. If you have your photos printed, you won’t have to worry about losing access to them. 

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Your Wedding Photos are Art 

Your wedding photos don’t have to just be in an album, you can also use them as art throughout your home! Having your wedding photos throughout your home will let you remember and experience the special moments from your wedding day every time you walk by them.

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They’re Heirlooms for Future Generations

If you’ve ever come across photos from your parent’s or grandparent’s wedding day, you know how special and meaningful they are. By printing out your wedding photos, your children, your grandchildren, and your great-grandchild will be able to experience your wedding day through touch and memories for years to come. 

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Whether you are planning your wedding, are recently married, or have been married for years, I promise you won’t regret printing out your wedding photos!


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