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Should We Do a First Look?

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Over the last few years, first looks have become increasingly popular among couples on their wedding day and they have quickly become one of our favorite “modern” wedding day traditions! If you’ve been thinking about doing a first look but are still on the fence about it, it’s important to consider the pros and cons. A first look can be such a special moment but it’s not for everyone and that’s okay! There’s no right or wrong when it comes to your wedding day. 

If you’re deciding whether or not to do a first look on your wedding day, here are some things to consider first! 

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The Season

If you want to do a first look and want to have it photographed, the season of your wedding will have an impact on timing. The fall and winter seasons have an early sunset so a 5:00 ceremony time is often too late to allow enough light for couples portraits. 

To ensure there’s enough time to capture couples’ photography on your big day with lots of natural light, either consider a first look or move up your ceremony time. 

Mr. and Mrs. Han | Austin, Texas | first look

The Benefits

Just like any decision you make for your wedding day, there are pros and cons to doing a first look. Let’s look at the benefits!

A private moment between you to embrace one another and take in the special moment of seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day. Having a private moment can also help lessen your nerves and give you time to experience your emotions before being in front of a large audience. 

If your ceremony is in another location, a first look can make the logistics of traveling much easier. If you choose to photograph the wedding party and family before the ceremony, you can attend your cocktail hour, or have more time to enjoy one another, or even allows you to get to the party sooner!

Your hair and makeup are fresher earlier in the day and if you cry, you’ll have time for touch-ups before the ceremony so you look fresh in front of your guests. You’ll also be able to enjoy the ceremony emotions even more since you won’t be going straight to posing for the camera afterward. 

the benefits of a first look

The Decision

I absolutely love when couples do a first look. It’s such a special time and it gives me the opportunity to capture amazing couples’ portraits and eliminate stress on your big day. But, they aren’t for everyone, and feeling comfortable on your big day is so important. Do what’s right for you, after all, it is your wedding day!

should we do a first look


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