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Intimate Elopement at Serenbe

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Britt + Jake’s Elopement at Serenbe

When your friend mentions she and her fiance are eloping at Serenbe, you drop whatever you are doing, head south and photograph the sweetest, intimate elopement at Serenbe.

The day started at the Inn at Serenbe, where Britt and Jake got ready. They both looked amazing – obviously. Jake wore a stylish pinstriped seersucker suit, accessorized with a red bow tie that was handed down from his late father. Brittany rocked a modern high neck halter dress that had a classic touch and looked absolutely stunning. And let’s not forget her Louis Vuitton shoes, the perfect finishing touch.

Before the ceremony, Britt and Jake shared a first look, and it was a beautiful moment. But there was one more first look to be had – the one with Jake’s twin boys. It was such a special moment for everyone involved.

The ceremony itself was intimate, with just a few close family members present. Britt and Jake exchanged their promises to each other, and you could feel the happiness they had together. It was a truly heartfelt ceremony.

After the ceremony, the couple celebrated with champagne and pizza (best combo ever, but I’m bias). It was a relaxed and fun way to end the night, and it suited them perfectly. Everything about this day was perfect for Britt and Jake. It was a true reflection of who they are as a couple.

I am so grateful that Britt asked me to be the one to capture their elopement. It was an honor, and it pushed me out of my comfort zone to shoot exclusively on film. I am so glad that she urged me to do it, because the results were breathtaking.

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