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Beauty Counter Skincare Routine

My Clean Skincare Routine

If you follow me on my personal account, you’ll quickly realize that there is more to me than just photography. In fact, I don’t exactly share a whole lot about my job on any personal account. You’ll see tons of pictures of my super adorable pets, my sweet boy, Liam, and my Beauty Counter posts. 

One day I’ll dedicate an entire post to my dogs, but until then… let’s indulge ourselves in a little ‘me’ time. I also like to refer to this as my ‘quiet mom time’ and lock myself in the bathroom for 30 minutes; the silence is incredibly relaxing. 

Let me preface this by saying I absolutely love my son and every little postpartum flaw I have is worth it. Soon after my son was born, I started noticing dramatic changes in my skin. I grew up with sensitive skin, but I really thought I outgrew it. Maybe the pregnancy glow boosted my ego a bit? I’ll tell you one thing: I WISH the glow follow me into the world of postpartum. My skin was dull, my eyes were (obviously) tired, and I had zero desire or time to put any make-up on. I knew I wanted to change that, so I dove into the world of cleaner skin care. My journey led me to Beauty Counter and now I’m hooked.

Some have reached out to me on social media and have asked what Beauty Counter was, what I us,e and what I recommended for their specific goals. I am by no means a professional and definitely not an esthetician, but I can give you all the info that you need with these products.

*If you’re local to Loganville, Georgia, head over to Splendid Beauty Bar & Co and see my friends Christine and Eden. I highly recommend a Dermaplan facial – and having kickass brows won’t hurt either. Just saying.

Let’s dive into my personal routine! I use the Countermatch Regimen and Counter+ Resurfacing Peel

Countermatch: Foaming Cleanser, Radiance Toner, Intense Moisture Serum, Adaptive Moisture Lotion, Counter+ Brightening Facial Oil

My AM Routine

  1. Countermatch Refresh Foaming Cleanser – This creamy foaming cleanser features squalane, plum oil, and phytic acid to remove face and eye makeup, wash away impurities, and get you glowing. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, not tight or dry.
  2. Countermatch Hydra-Gel Radiance Toner – This is the prep step you’ve been waiting for. With a unique gel texture and a sustainable glass bottle, this toner helps minimize the appearance of pores while removing residual impurities, leaving skin hydrated and radiant.  
  3. Countermatch Intense Moisture Serum – Packed with two forms of hyaluronic acid, plus vitamins C and E, this intensely moisturizing serum delivers a boost of lasting hydration and antioxidant protection. With continued use, skin will feel firmer and look brighter with a more even tone.
  4. Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion – This lightweight lotion provides up to 24 hours of essential hydration and adapts to skin throughout the day for a smooth feel and radiant glow.
  5. Counter+ No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil – Your daily radiance boost. This citrus-scented facial oil quickly absorbs and penetrates skin to awaken and replenish. Lightweight and silky smooth, our proprietary blend of oils is designed to help hydrate and improve the appearance of skin radiance. Omega-rich marula oil provides intense hydration, while antioxidant vitamin C helps brighten and even skin tone.

I absolutely love this! I start my day off with a fresh, clean face. If it’s one of those days where I am feeling extra, I’ll finish up with make-up. I’ll save this info for another post! Now, things change up a bit with my PM routine:

My PM Routine


  1. Counter+ Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm – This multi-tasking cleansing balm, perfect for day and night use, hydrates while it cleanses, removing makeup and impurities with nourishing ingredients that won’t strip away your skin’s natural moisture. (Bonus: it can also be used as a mask for a hydrating overnight facial.) With a blend of lotus extract, jojoba seed oil, and avocado seed oil, Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm soothes and destresses skin while increasing luminosity.
  2. Countermatch Refresh Foaming Cleanser
  3. Countermatch Hydra-Gel Radiance Toner
  4. Countermatch Intense Moisture Serum
  5. Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel – Goodnight, dullness. Good morning, glow. Featuring a proprietary multi-acid complex, this leave-on AHA/BHA peel improves skin texture and boosts clarity without irritation or over-drying. With glycolic, malic, and botanically derived lactic acid, the formula clears away dull surface cells, while arginine and essential fatty acids help soothe to reveal a brighter, healthier looking, renewed complexion.
  6. Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream – This overnight cream helps create a protective layer to shield skin from moisture loss during sleep. The advanced formula replenishes hydration and revitalizes skin with a blend of hyaluronic acid, squalane, plum oil, and phytic acid.


I know you’re asking yourself if all of this is necessary. It’s not. I’m a consultant, so I have incredible opportunites to affordably order everything I need. If you’re interested in joining the world of #cleanbeauty with Beauty Counter, drop a comment below!

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